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What's the Purpose of MBA Failure EssayStudents and professionals experienced setbacks because no one is perfect. The obstacles and the challenges you experienced provide learning opportunities or lessons. If you are asked to make MBA failure essay, it is where you can write down about the failure or setbacks you’ve experienced that will help other people to know what they should do whenever they will experience the same situation or mistakes in their life.

Purpose of MBA Failure Essay

The purpose of the failure essay is for you to discuss what lesson you get from it. It is a tool in showing how you able to overcome all the failures and setbacks you experienced. It seems to be hard to go back from the past if it’s about your failure but it will serve as a great motivation from other people most especially if you able to overcome it.

Writing MBA Failure Essays

Discuss about the failure you experienced. How did you overcome and what learning you get from it. Discuss what criticism you received from it and how did you able to respond. You can also write about academic and professional failure in your life. How did you overcome and how you solve it. There is also structure you must have in making the MBA optional essay.

  • Background: Brief explanation about the situation and illustration of the difficulties you had. You can also add some description of the actions and decisions you’ve done.
  • Failure and result: What is the cause of that failure? What reactions you got from it? What did you do in overcoming it?
  • Analysis: Try to show the analysis you have in your failure. Explain, present actions and decisions you’ve made.
  • Recovery: Briefly discuss what you can do whenever you face that situation again. What actions you can do based on the previous experienced.

Do’s and Don’ts in Writing MBA Failure Essay

  • Read questions properly and answer each question clearly
  • Internalize the learning you get
  • Avoid copying MBA failure essays from others work
  • Avoid blaming other people for the MBA career goals essay failure you’ve experienced
  • Don’t use trivial personal stories like breakup or ay useless circumstances that is not part of your application
  • Accept your mistake
  • Provide the steps you took in overcoming those situations
  • Discuss about the learning you get from it

The purpose of the MBA thesis is to recognize the mistakes you have made. It is a great tool to help you in knowing the lessons and what steps you’ve done to overcome the situations.

In conclusion, the main point is that you should not forget to discuss the challenges you faced and how able to navigate those situations. Explain how you learn from it.

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