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Wharton’s 2016 MBA essay questions are:

1.      What do you aspire to achieve, personally and professionally, through the Wharton MBA?
2.      Academic engagement is an important element of the Wharton MBA experience. How do you see yourself contributing to our learning community?

These are practical, exploratory questions, relating directly to all the most important elements of your MBA application:

  • Question 1 is asking for a roadmap of your MBA priorities and values.
  • Question 2 is asking you to define the inputs which you can deliver as an MBA class member.

Essay content issues

The crucially important elements of your Wharton MBA essays are:

  • Clarity of expression
  • Information quality
  • Unique content articulating your priorities and goals

Essay content must be well laid out, addressing all aspects of the questions. Your essay should integrate your current career path with the goals of your MBA, creating a clear picture of your aspirations and career intentions in context with the MBA.

Essay content values

This is not a “breeze through with a few clichés” exercise. Wharton specializes in executive management training. You’re competing with the best and brightest. Your essays need to contain an excellent content value and deliver a strong message about your suitability as a candidate. Think about your content and how you express yourself.

Question 1

The first question is a clearly structured issue. You need to define your aspirations in context with your career path. Your Wharton MBA essay should give your reader a clear picture of your goals.

Question 2

The next question is as important as the first. In MBA training, class members contribute a significant amount of value to the group through their experiences. Obviously, a candidate who can contribute a lot is the more suitable choice. Put plenty of thought into how you can deliver professional value to a class full of your peers.

Essay sample content

The following paragraphs are designed to show fundamental essay concepts:

Question 1

I’m a senior corporate financial manager at ABCD Inc. My goal is to expand my range of skills to progress my career into a wider spectrum of corporate management opportunities. My current qualifications specialize in financial management but are lacking in areas like strategic planning, marketing, and other critical areas related to my aspirations.

The Wharton MBA core curriculum covers the core skills I need to enhance my career prospects and broaden my range of opportunities. The Wharton MBA also includes high-value electives highly relevant to my current role as a financial manager, notably economic analysis and statistics, which are major foci of ABCD’s corporate policy, including Big Data analysis and disparate information analysis.

Question 2

As a highly experienced finance manager, I have had a truly extensive range of experience in all aspects of corporate finance. I am sure I can make a strong contribution in this field, including financial best practice, corporate accountancy, compliance, and other fundamental business operations-related areas of study.

Essay evaluation

Do your essays effectively answer the questions? Have you clearly explained your reason for seeking a Wharton MBA or Stanford MBA essay, and how you can contribute to the learning community? Have you done yourself justice? Your Wharton MBA essays are ready to send in.

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