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How to Write Essay for MBA Admission

MBA admissionsLooking to get into an MBA school? Most MBA students say that their experience was worthwhile and that they’d do it again. It only takes about three and a half years after graduation for a student to return their investment, thanks to the great salaries those with MBAs earn. Note that starting salaries for MBAs have been rising in the past few years. However, admissions rates have been dropping sharply. There’s less and less interest in second and third-rate programs, which means that there’s been a strong trend towards greater competition for spots in the top fifty. For instance, Harvard admission dropped by one percent from 2014 to 2015. The top fifty schools, averaged out, have steadily dropped, with a 1% drop between those same years as well. This means you’ve got stiff competition from your fellow students and might need some MBA essay editing help. But just how stiff depends on what school you choose, so let’s look at some different programs.

MBA Admissions Facts

The top MBA admissions processes are incredibly tough, no matter which one you choose. However, some are tougher than others. It’s best to choose schools based on what the atmosphere is like and what the program covers, not by what the admissions rate is, but it’s also good to be aware. Here’s a list of the top ten with some information about admissions for each.

  • Harvard, the top school of business, has an admissions rate of only 10.7%
  • Stanford has the lowest rate on the list, with an admissions rate of 6.1%
  • Chicago has the highest rate of acceptance on the list, but it’s still only 24.4%
  • Wharton has an admissions rate of 19.8%
  • Kellogg is just ahead with an acceptance rate of 20.6%
  • Columbia has an admissions rate of 18.0%
  • MIT has an admissions rate of 14.6%
  • Berkeley has an acceptance rate of 13.0%
  • Tuck’s acceptance rate is second highest at 22.6%
  • Yale has an admissions rate of 20.7%

As you can see, there’s a lot of competition. For even the school with the highest acceptance rate, less than a quarter of students get in! How can you make sure you’re in the top 20, 10, or even 6%? A great admissions letter.

How to Write an MBA Essay Tips

Writing a good admissions letter is an art. Paragraph flow, text composition, and article structure are crucial in writing preparation for MBA. Here’s what we consider the best way of writing an essay, the tricks we personally endorse for getting a great score.

  • Be honest: If you have gaps or bad spots in your record, explain them and show how you’ve grown since then.
  • Explain your background: From an unusual background? Play it up. Had experiences as an ethnic minority that shaped you? Explain them. This helps set you apart.
  • Show your spirit: Passion, drive, and can-do attitude will really help you get accepted.
  • Avoid clichés: It’s boring for admissions officers to read the same thing every time, so don’t talk about how you’ve wanted to study business since your childhood.
  • Forget about high school: You’re applying for an MBA. Admissions officers expect you to have done things in undergraduate or even in the workplace. Forget about your time on the high school year book committee. It won’t help you.
  • Get specific: Why are you a great fit for this school? This is where having a base letter comes in handy. You can write yourself a template and change it a little bit for each school.
  • Show you’re a real person: A touch of humor or a hint of vulnerability can take your letter from a boring form to something that an admissions committee can connect to. A light touch is best, but it helps you stand out and makes you look unique. And you can use some MBA essay review service.

How to Write Essay for MBA School Format

writing preparation for MBAYou know your tips now, but how about formatting and length? This is going to vary school to school. You should always carefully read the requirements for your chosen program. If you’re applying to more than one program, write a “base letter” and edit it to fit the length and formatting requirements of both. Generally, though, unless you’re instructed otherwise, it’s best to make your format very standard. Twelve point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and a standard essay intro-body-conclusion format are rarely contested. Make sure that you clearly mark your name, but otherwise, there’s unlikely to be too much mandatory header information. Cut the cover page and save space. As far as length, this is something that varies dramatically. Some programs want 500 words – some want a single double-spaced page. The best advice is to write longer and then shorten it to fit schools that require less text. This allows you to produce a stronger product, as adding things to essays after the fact often makes them sound stretched. Just be sure that you’re comfortable with the ways you can shorten the essay as you write it. What are the absolutely essential parts of the story?mba facts

Writing Preparation for MBA

text compositionAn MBA is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you choose to attend, you’ll learn so much about the world of business. From the ins and outs of international dealing to how to be a better manager at a small company, you’ll have an experience that will show you ways to beat out the competition and be the best. But even before you get there, there’s a lot of competition to conquer. We know you deserve this opportunity, and that’s why we offer you MBA essay help. If you have an MBA essay written and aren’t quite sure what it needs, let our experienced editors help you out.

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