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One of the biggest mistakes that applicants to MBA programs make is that they tend to embellish the truth- a fatal mistake among competing applicants. Once an admissions board member recognizes that you were not honest, you lose a substantial amount of integrity and credibility in their eyes. We understand how tempting it can be to want to make yourself really stand out given all of the competition you are up against. But you must remember that academic integrity is something that is held extremely important in the academic world, so once you knowingly compromise that, you will no longer be a potential candidate for the MBA.

Not only is embellishing the truth a common mistake but also plagiarism. This may be a surprise to you, in which case you will not have to worry about it as you know this is wrong. Turning in somebody else’s work as your own is grounds for dismissal from a program, much fewer grounds to reject an incoming applicant. MBA admissions board members will run your essays through copyrighted plagiarism testing software to ensure that your essay contains nothing but original content. If there is any material in your essay that is not your own or not properly cited, you will most likely lose any chance of ever being admitted into that MBA program.

Honestly is a characteristic that admission board members value in applicants. It shows that they are at a mature enough level to be in their MBA program and succeed. So please, be completely honest in your application, even with things that nobody can prove otherwise, such as your weaknesses or character flaws which they will ask for. Be sure to describe your weaknesses to enable to admissions board members to see your full character and personality as best as possible. We are not telling you by any means to drown your application with your weaknesses, but simply paint a picture of yourself that includes enough so that the admissions board can see a completed work of art.