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The importance of a well-written resume when entering an MBA program is unexplainably important. Remember, everyone else applying for this position also has a resume and the same goal as you- land the spot in this MBA program. But, before you can do that, you will have to be able to write a resume that will place you away from the crowd and make you stand out in the eyes of the admissions board members.

The key features that should be in every MBA resume include:

  1. Visually appealing – while you do not want to submit a resume that has pictures of animals and rainbows and colorful pictures, you do want to create a document that contains a certain aesthetic value to it. Don’t just use a resume template from your word processor, but make your own template that stands out from what everyone else will be handing in. This will also showcase your creative skills in a professional environment.
  2. Relevant information – when applying to an MBA program, the admissions board does not want to hear about how you pumped gas or cooked at a restaurant. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but don’t spend too much time on these aspects, focus on work, paid or unpaid, that will be relevant to the program you are pursuing.
  3. Concise document – your professional resume should contain everything it needs to- nothing more, nothing less. MBA admissions board members read hundreds of resumes every day, so you do not want to waste their time and energy on meaningless “fluff” just to make it longer. You want a resume to be about one page, so try to fit everything about yourself that is relevant to that one page.
  4. Exciting – with all of the resumes that MBA admission board members read, you want to be able to keep their attention with your resume. Explain yourself in such a way that makes you stand out and will have the admissions board members excited to make you a part of their MBA program.
  5. Truthful – Do not lie! Never lie on a resume – it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your professional career. It is tempting to embellish the truth with all of the competition you are up against, but it WILL COME BACK TO GET YOU and will follow you throughout your professional career.

Use our tips and tricks for MBA Resume Polishing and be sure you get an excellent result!