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During the process of writing your MBA application essay, expect to get frustrated and tired of writing these essays, which is a huge mistake made by many MBA program applicants. With the countless hours of research and writing involved in these essays, sometimes the importance of re-reading your MBA application essays can be overlooked. The main purpose of re-reading an essay is to enable you to see fallacies in transitions that were not apparent while writing the essay. Sometimes when you re-read an essay that you have written, you are seeing it in new light that you could not have while writing it.

When you take the time to re-read your MBA application essay, you are usually going to be sure to find sloppy transitions and areas where flow can be improved. You will have to read these MBA application essays over and over again to ensure that it sounds “right”. You will be able to see inconsistencies in your writing and fix them to improve your thoughts and the flow of your MBA application essay.

Improve Flow through Paragraph Order

The first draft will typically be a rough, choppy paper that needs to be structured. The beauty of writing an essay is that you can simply cut and paste your paragraphs to improve the content and put everything in a logical order. You should number the paragraphs and while reading it, change them in another document so that you can experiment with different orders of logic and determine which structure best suites your writing style and best delivers the points you are trying to make.

Create Flow by Using Transition Words

Transitions can involve a few words or they can involve a few sentences. Transition words and sentences are crucial for connecting your thoughts and ideas in a logical manner. You will need to tie in all of your main points so that they all are connected in some way or another, not just a random assortment of facts and theories. The MBA admission board members are looking for students who can deliver their points in a well thought out, logical, comprehensive statement, which is best achieved through the use of properly used transitions.