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It can be a difficult task to pick the right person to write your letter of recommendation – it could be hard to pick the right person, or you could have no idea where to start. Try to pick someone who is an authority or senior figure to you who has seen your efforts towards climbing the corporate ladder. They should be able to provide valuable insight into the positive traits and qualities that an MBA admissions board is looking for in a potential candidate.

A good letter of recommendation can take your MBA application one step higher and give you the edge that you need the competition. Remember, a letter of application is a favor, so you should not just seek out any teacher or superior and expect them to write one for you. Try to pick someone you have some sort of relationship with, whether it is a teacher of a class that you are doing well in or a direct superior who has seen you demonstrate an ability to improve your academic or career goals. You need to seek out someone who does not mind taking the time to really describe who you are and what you can bring to their MBA program. And with that said, you need to pick out someone who has the ability to describe you in such a light. You need personalized, not generalized.

So before you hand in your application, go back and re-check the people you were thinking of asking to write you a letter of recommendation and see if they fall into this category. If not, you should quickly reconsider asking that person, and if you already did, find someone else to write it for you. An MBA letter of application is also a sensitive topic when it comes to editing, as you do not want to hand in a poorly written letter with grammatical and spelling errors, but you do not want to risk insulting the person who is writing your letter of recommendation by telling them there are errors. It is a fine line that you must walk, but if you follow this guide, you will find good candidates for writing your letter of recommendation.

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