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International travel can be a valuable asset when applying for an MBA program. Admission board members look at international travel as a worldly experience that helps shape people into wiser individuals, thus giving you an edge on your application. Although it is good to mention any international travel, the admissions board members of the MBA program you are interested in are not going to be interested in how many countries you went to or how many times you climbed the Eiffel tower. They are looking for how these experiences shaped your interest in the business world or have provided you with a global view on matters such as social, economic, and environmental issues. So be careful not to just describe a vacation, but focus on going into detail about how your experience abroad affected your business goals.

A major problem among international MBA program applicants is that they do not successfully describe their personal experiences abroad in the manner that they should. As mentioned before, there it is an advantage to have international experience in the field you are pursuing, but you must be selective about your experiences. Use them in such a way that they help your argument as to why you are an appropriate candidate for the MBA. Instead of simply saying how traveling opened up your mind, describe exactly how it opened your mind. Explain how traveling to a third world country made you appreciate the positive values of living in a capitalist, business driven society. Or how living in a community-based economy made you realize the importance of working together as a team to achieve a common goal.

Through these international experiences, the admissions board members can better see positive moral and ethical values associated with the beliefs you brought back with you from your travels. And just remember to not over-do it, be selective and concise with your essay.

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