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There are many ways to build upon your MBA essay to further improve it and make it better. One of the most powerful ways to transform your MBA essay into a fully polished work that will catch the reader’s attention is the use of action verbs. The use of strong action verbs will catch your reader’s attention and make you stand out in the eyes of the admissions board members.

Verbs energize your paper, and action verbs create more drama and suspense than would be created by using a noun. Many people tend to use what are known as “passive verbs” which can create a lull in your paper. Passive verbs tend to weaken your writing and make sentences unnecessarily wordy.

For example:

John broke the jar. (Active verb)

The jar was broken by John. (Passive Verb)

You can see how the use of the action verb changes the entire tone of the sentence and delivers it with a more direct approach. Remember, you want your MBA application essay to be concise, which is another reason why the use of action verbs is important- you can deliver your ideas in fewer words.

The use of strong action verbs helps you create a mood for your reader simply by the “sounds” or connotations that are associated with the word of choice. For example, use words that are more evocative that what is found in an average MBA application essay. Instead of walk, use words like stride, or strut. You want to try and use verbs that are not only action verbs, but also descriptive. Instead of shine, use glimmer, sparkle, or dazzle.

Through using strong action verbs, you will literally transform your MBA application essay into a story that captures the reader’s attention and develops a picture in their head of exactly what you are trying to explain to them. Make them interested to read your essay and stand out among the sea of competition.

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