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As an incoming applicant to an MBA program, you will be required to write multiple essays that are meant to display qualities about yourself that admissions board members are looking for in a candidate. They look for skills in writing, leadership, and also qualities that make you stand out from the competition. Believe it or not, admission board members can tell all of this about you through your responses to specially developed essay questions.

If you are determined to write your own MBA application essays, then please take a few moments to read over our tips and tricks section to help guide you in the right direction while you are writing your MBA application essays. We have compiled a list that shows the biggest mistakes that MBA program applicants make and how to avoid these mistakes as well as how to face the greatest challenges you will face with writing your MBA application essay.

5 Tips and Tricks to Writing a Flawless MBA Application Essay:

  1. Be sure to answer the question that is being asked of you – all too often, MBA program applicants will unintentionally avoid the question being asked of them. This usually occurs because many MBA program application essays require applicants to describe weaknesses or character flaws in themselves, and applicants will try to discuss other topics rather than reveal their weaknesses. Huge mistake! Answer the question that is directly asked!
  2. Stay focused on your topic – similar to the above tip, it may seem obvious, but you will be amazed at the number of applicants who are denied admission because they went off on irrelevant tangents in their MBA application essays.
  3. Be concise – admission board members typically read an average of 50 MBA application essays every day, so as you can imagine, this can get quite tedious. MBA admissions board members do not want to read an overly complex application essay. You want to keep their attention and not have them getting bored while reading your essay. Concise writing is good writing.
  4. Tell the truth – given the high levels of competition, applicants may be tempted to lie or exaggerate about themselves to get an edge on the competition so, plan ahead! If there is something you know will give you an edge then go do it, don’t just say you did!
  5. Revise – be sure to revise your MBA application essay so as to polish it into a final product worthy of an MBA program admission.

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