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stanford mba essayThe Stanford essay questions for 2017 are very straightforward.

There are two essay questions:

Question A: What matters most to you, and why?

This question is based on self-examination, stating that “why” is more important than “what”. It’s a self-perspective, including an event, situation, or person which influenced you.

Question B: Why Stanford?

Stanford wants to know how and why you decided to pursue your career in management. They also want to know what the “distinctive opportunities” are that you’ll pursue at Stanford.

If you’ve got the impression that these two questions are filters, they are. You have a maximum of 1100 words for the two essays, combined.

Question A

Think about this question. It’s an examination of your motivations, drivers, and aspirations, as well as yourself as a person. The information you provide must be logically laid out, clearly expressed, and understandable to the reader.

Question B

The answer to this question needs to be analytical, focused on the information they want. Why are you applying for an MBA? What are the practical reasons? Why is Stanford your preferred college? What are the advantages, as you see them, of Stanford?

Content of essays overview

Let’s clarify two points about your Stanford MBA essay writing:

  1. These questions are good bases for assessment of candidates. You’re not ticking the boxes on a checklist; you’re making a case for your candidacy.
  2. This really is a business operation. You should approach it accordingly, exactly the way you would a business document.

Essay content values

Stanford’s MBA essay questions require clear values in response:

Question A: Consider what matters to you, and why. Define these things, and map out what you want to say. Your essay content needs to answer “What” first, followed by your “why”.

Question B: You’re defining your goals, and how Stanford can help you reach your goals. You need to match your goals to Stanford’s core course structure, to explain your decision to apply.

Essay content samples

The following paragraphs are lead-ins to your essays:

Question A:
The thing that matters most to me is my career ethos. I’m a community crisis care manager, working with people in need, managing many different aspects of my community’s welfare and amenities.

I know I’m making a difference by my actions, helping people to get back on their feet and improve their life situations. It’s critically important to me that my skills are able to meet the challenges of this role.

Question B:

I need to upgrade and improve my core competencies in a very demanding, socially important, environment as a community crisis care manager. My decision is based on both my responsibilities and my obligations to the people in my care.

Stanford offers a unique mix of specializations for my needs, particularly the “custom curriculum” which offers me the chance to develop critically important skills in my field of management. The core curriculum at Stanford augments many aspects of my management role which is particularly important, particularly in the fields of strategic planning and financial management.

Essay evaluation

OK, now- Do your essays deliver the information required? Is it clear, easy to read and understand? Do they say what you want to say, the way you want to say it? Congratulations, you’ve written two good essays for your Stanford MBA and Harvard MBA.

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