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sloan mba essayThere are two MIT Sloan MBA essay questions:

Essay 1: The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and generate ideas that advance management practice.  Discuss how you will contribute toward advancing the mission based on examples of past work and activities.   (500 words or fewer, limited to one page)

Essay 2: Describe a time when you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone. (500 words or fewer, limited to one page)

If you’re getting the impression that the bar for these essays has been raised to get only the best people, you’re 100% right. You need to put in time and effort on these MBA essays, and deliver very high-quality materials.

Essay content

The basics:

  • 500 words on one page may just mean use a smaller font. 12 point font will typically go to a page, using many ordinary fonts. For standard fonts, 10 points will do the trick.
  • Essay 1 may look a bit intimidating, but it’s based on your own experience. You’re being asked to show what you can contribute, and back it up with your experience.
  • Essay 2 is like a job interview question but on a much more demanding level. You need to choose a situation which clearly shows how you went beyond your comfort zone and defining in what ways you did that.

Content quality

You need to express yourself factually and well, and stick to a clearly laid out narrative.

Your text needs to deliver effective, high-value answers to the questions:

  • Drafting- Avoid unnecessary text and “filler materials”.
  • Think about your two subjects before writing and make sure you’re writing about subjects which will clearly showcase your skills and experience.

Essay samples

These paragraphs are basic setup content, designed to show how to approach the subject matter:

Essay 1

I can contribute a lot of high-value practical experience in management. As a logistics manager for a major property developer, I work with a truly diverse, complex range of management issues. I’m the person required to identify new and emerging issues in all aspects of our business. I manage the entire supply chain, from source to the building sites. This role involves multiple interactions along the management and logistics fronts, negotiations, and requires a very broad knowledge base.

Essay 2

I was confronted with an issue which required me to leave my comfort zone and act as a mediator between senior managers. These two very competent, truly expert level people, both good friends of mine, were in total, acrimonious, disagreement. As the company’s logistics manager, I was the only person in management with any input into the issue. I had to defuse the dispute, which definitely wasn’t my job, to get the project moving.

Essay evaluation

Be hyper-critical. What looks out of place? What doesn’t work? What content looks iffy or off topic? When your Booth MBA essays read well and deliver a standard of content quality which fully addresses the MIT Sloan essay questions, they’re ready to submit.

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