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There are four Haas MBA essay subjects and two optional essays:

Choose one song that expresses who you are (250 words)

Your most significant accomplishment (250 words)

An experience in the last 3 years where you overcame a failure (250 words)

(1) Post MBA short term and long term goals

(2) How will your MBA help you achieve these goals (750 words total for both essays)

Optional essays- Supplemental information if required to support applications and additional information relating to skills not elsewhere quantified

Essay content issues

Express yourself clearly. Avoid unnecessary text, which costs you valuable space. Make sure that your essays are easily comprehensible for your reader.

Essay content values

If any text or information doesn’t relate to essay criteria, it shouldn’t be in your essay. Use adequate explanatory text for any technical or complex issues.

Above all- Make your essay interesting! Standout applications get attention, and deliver more value. They also provide much more useful information to Haas about your skills and experience.

Essay samples

These paragraphs are designed to show basic leads into essay subjects:

Essay 1

The song that describes me best is “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop. It’s an upbeat song, happy, with a healthy hedonism and love of life. I find this song a great song to work to, with a good mobile rhythm and funloving lyrics. The travel element, driving through the city at night, is very much a positive environment, focusing on the good things in life.

Essay 2

My most significant accomplishment was bringing a business back from the verge of collapse. I was called in as a receiver for a company which had been providing credit to clients indiscriminately. When I arrived, the company was owed millions of dollars, but didn’t even have enough cash to pay its own electricity bill.

Essay 3

Two years ago, my business was facing catastrophic failure. It had, in effect, failed, and was on life support, surviving on what was left of our capital. We lost a major client, and other clients provided nowhere near the amount of business required for our operation to be sustainable.

Essay 4

Essay 4 (1) My short term goals are to apply my MBA skills in-house in my current role, to add much higher values to my skill set. My long term goals are to seek promotion to senior management, then CEO level.

Essay 4(2) The Haas MBA delivers a unique range of advantages which will assist me greatly to achieve my goals. Specifically…. (Identify MBA course components which will assist you in your post MBA goals, in context with Essay 4(1), explaining the value of these skills as career assets.)

Optional essays

See Haas’ guidelines for optional essays you can provide to assist your application. The information contained in your Kollagg MBA essays should be factual, clearly explained, and not rehash existing information elsewhere in your application.

Essay evaluation

  • Do your essays present well, with strong content quality?
  • Are they of a high professional standard?

When you meet these criteria, your Haas MBA essays are ready to submit.

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