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Selecting a topic for your MBA application essay might be an exhausting process. It is hard to say which topic will help you reveal your strong sides to the most. Our MBA editing service advises you to consider your traveling experience as your MBA essay topic. We are sure that it will help you grasp the attention of the committee and enjoy the writing process itself. Essay about travelling experience is your key to success.

Choosing Traveling as Your MBA Application Essay Topic

First of all, stories about traveling experience are always engaging and interesting to read, so, creating an MBA application essay about travel will secure an interest in your personality and will help the admission board to have a vivid image of you as a person.


Next, when writing your MBA personal statement on traveling, be sure to pick the experience which is relevant to your application process. Discussing a travel experience in an essay just for the sake of doing so, according to MBA Editing Service, is not a good idea. Try to think of an experience that has had an impact on your decision to study business administration. In addition, in your essay you ought to dwell on how this particular program will help you implement your future career plans and how will you be able to contribute to the life of the business school you have chosen.


Professionals who work for the MBA Essay Editing service realize that it takes more than one angle to complete a travel experience essay. This is especially true for those who lack travel experience. Remember that when writing applications essays, you should never lie or embellish anything. It’s fine to find an interesting way to tell a story, but outright lies are a terrible idea. Telling a good story about how your trip influenced your ideas about how to run a business is a much better way to do it.


It’s easy to make cultural mistakes when talking about foreign countries, and this can be rather offensive. Therefore, it’s best to do a little research into other nations, even if you’ve been there before. Mentioning things that are out of place in domestic trips can really be a problem. After all, the people who read your paper may very well have paid some spots a visit.


Moreover, MBA Editing Service underlines that you should use suitable words and phrases in your MBA essay on travel. Use some descriptions but Keep in mind that your personal statement is to convince the readers that you deserve an acceptance letter to the MBA school and not to serve as a travel article. Finally, don’t overload your essay with small details in order to keep the reader focused on the main subject.


Check a sample of MBA admission essay about travel experience:

Since I’ve worked in Australia and the Bahamas as well as the United States, I can safely say that I’ve noticed a few different universal truths. There are several reasons why the group dynamic breaks down in the workplace. It’s been the same everywhere, and I feel that I’ve learned several lessons the hard way. These lessons will aid me in the professional world once I’ve graduated.

People never seem to be as trusting as they should be in business. Perhaps that’s because we’re taught to claw our way up the corporate ladder, but it’s actually counterproductive. When coworkers are able to trust one another, they work together better. I admit that there have been plenty of cases where I mistrusted my coworkers, and every time I shouldn’t have. One should always learn from their mistakes, but I hope that I’ll have an opportunity to teach what I’ve learned before it becomes an issue for anyone else.

MBA Editing Service Can Help with Your Application Essay on Travel

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