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One of the hottest topics circulating around about MBA essays is the word limit. It is one of the most important requirements every admissions department impose to their applicants when writing their essay. That’s why in your MBA essay editing, you have to seriously look into it because if not you might have a bad impression from the admissions officers.

What is the truth behind MBA essay editing word limits?

According to most professional writers on the web, the word limit is essential because it also has something to say about your personality and ability to follow directions.

As simple as it is when your admissions officers require you 400 words, do not write 500 words.

What formula works?

It is easy just follow the word limit rule and as much as possible follow this formula. Maintain the word count in your essay at about (-) or (+) 10% lower or higher than the required word limit.

In other cases, your MBA essay editing should be following a certain word limit or page limit rule. If so, follow what is instructed. Do not cheat in space, invention, margins, and alignment.

Myth about Word Limits

According to some stories, the word limit is strictly followed in some schools and that your essay will be cut off when it goes more than the word requirement. Especially when your admissions officers are well-experienced in word limits, they know that you are going beyond the words.

Impact of Carelessness on Word Limits

When you are careless in following the word limit on your essay, there are more tendencies that you are going to turn off your readers because you do not even know how to follow simple directions.

If you went beyond 20-30% over the word limit, it means that you cannot get to your point and make yourself concise. Also, you are wasting the time of the admissions officers.

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