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The three Booth MBA essays include two short essays and one “presentation/essay” which can be either a PowerPoint-style presentation or a conventional essay. The two short essays are 250 words each, the presentation is a maximum of four slides, and the essay version is 600 words.

Essay content

The two short essays are based on these prompts:

  1. My favorite part of my work is…
  2. I started to think differently when…

The presentation/essay is an open subject.

Quality of content is the issue for each Booth MBA essay. They don’t need the information on your resume or other material you’ve submitted elsewhere.

Essay values

The two short essays need to be thought out well and clearly expressed. You’re writing about your favorite thing, and a subject you know well, where you changed your mind about something important.

The two short essays

The best approach to these subjects is to write them as stories:

  1. What you like about what you do, expressed as a straightforward narrative.
  2. What you had to rethink, what your original views were, and how they changed, expressing your new views logically.

The presentation/essay

You have a lot of flexibility here. Stick to a subject you know well, use your expertise. If you do a presentation, do it exactly the same way as you would for a professional presentation. You’ve only got 4 slides, though, so focus on information quality.

Above all- Make your content stand out, make it interesting, and be patient about your content quality. Polish it up, make sure it reads clearly. Consider the reader’s needs. Don’t use obscure terms, and write informatively to provide your reader with useful content.

Essay samples

The following paragraphs are intended to act as examples of subject development based on the prompts and Booth’s criteria:

Essay 1

Client relations management is a true leadership role, where I can involve myself in problem-solving and do useful, interesting work. We’re an electronics manufacturer, and client feedback has a special role in our business. A product fault identified by a client, for example, can be used to manage risk. Some of our clients provide excellent product suggestions which I monitor and investigate.

Essay 2

I used to think that most people complained because they lacked information, didn’t understand the technologies, or didn’t read our user manuals. Now I’ve discovered that some of our clients are at least as knowledgeable as I am about our products and that many clients complain only as a last resort.


Critically important – stick to a subject in your area of expertise. Pick a subject which you can develop into an interesting topic, and showcase your expertise.

PowerPoint presentations- See Booth’s information regarding the software requirements and content size.

Essay evaluation

Check all content for information quality. Do your Wharton MBA essays deliver good information? Are they interesting to read? Do they show your skills and experience? Does your presentation look good, professional and provide worthwhile information?

If so, you’ve got it right and your essays are ready to go.

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