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State and Action Verbs Use

In the English language, all the verbs are divided into two categories: state verbs and action (performance) ones. The latter category, in turn, has two subcategories: simple and continuous verbs. The names of both state and action verbs speak for themselves. In case you say something that stays the same you should use the verbs of state. On the contrary, speaking of something changing, action in process, be sure to use one of the performance verbs.

Examples of the Action Verbs

The wide range of performance action verbs may be easily find in an English grammar manual. You may as well find them in case you surf in the net a bit. In any case, here is a short list of action verbs that may be helpful while your MBA essay writing:

  • Achieve;
  • Build;
  • Calculate;
  • Construct;
  • Decide;
  • Develop;
  • Evaluate;
  • Help;
  • Improve;
  • Manage;
  • Prove;
  • Recommend;
  • Search;
  • Teach etc.

The Effects Created by Performance Action Verbs

The wide use of performance action verbs will make your MBA essay more powerful and raise its chances to succeed. They say, an MBA essay written with action verbs’ use is more convincing and creates a greater persuasive impression on the audience. What is more, it will be much easier to understand the threads of your description if it contains action verbs.

Finishing Strokes for a Powerful MBA Essay

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